Creative Strategy & Concepts


Kazuko is half German half Japanese. She is rather shy and introverted - two character traits that can make it difficult to sell her talent as a Creative Director. However, she has been working in advertising, marketing, PR and journalism since 1999 - and very successfully at that. She has been developing creative strategy, content and projects for BMW Group, Nespresso, Continental Tyres, Danone, and many more in different agencies, for different markets - Eastern Europe, China, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Caribbean - for 14 years. Kazuko is a great listener and very curious. She always tries to find out the ‘why’ to be able to define the ‘how’. She is very empathetic and can put herself easily in anyone’s place. All this has helped her to become a stellar brand story teller. Despite being shy and introverted, Kazuko absolutely loves to work in a team of creative people with different talents. She is fiercely loyal and loves what she is doing. Talking about the things she loves: Good design, art, architecture, and fashion; music and books; (almost) everything that has four legs. Kazuko is into animal welfare and has three rescue cats.